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Getting Ready for Artfight!

23 June 2022 09:16

Artfight 2022 is coming up, and i'll be participating in it! Some of my buddies (Caro_ and Vaps) are joining in the fun too. Sadly, I missed last year's Artfight (it had a really cool theme too!), so this is my first actual Artfight. I plan on joining Team Bloom, but who knows, I might change my mind. I'll also repost the attacks over here too during the match.

If you want to participate in Artfight or want more information, you can go to their webpage over here. I hope to enjoy the fight!


20 June 2022 17:52

Wow, a total revamp! The website looks way less cluttered and is actually bearable to look at! However, it did kind of take away some of the feel of the old look. While I currently do not have the old version hosted, if you want to view an even older version, it's accessible via the MORE link.

It should now easier more me to manage and for you guys to navigate. Anyway, thank you for being with me far enough to get to this point. I hope i'll start adding more adequate things here.


12 June 2022 20:08

Yes, I actually made a full update. I updated the games, art, music and news section. The index obviously got an update too. It's a major one I guess? More is the come as my HTML, CSS and hopefully Javascript skills improve. Thanks for reading these six sentences! It kind of means a lot to me :)

Nyan Cat (Sick Mix)

28 May 2022 10:15

A short remix of Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! by daniwell.


27 May 2022 17:30

UPDATE: I have taken down the mix from Bandcamp. Please support the artists in the mixtape directly instead.

I have made a BANGIN' mixtape called "Bigger Beats". It contains some Big Beat, Breakbeat and Breakcore. If you've been looking into getting into a new genre, consider LISTENING AND DOWNLOADING IT ON BANDCAMP. If you are in this mix and want your song removed, contact me at