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During These Moments, 99% of My Brain Was Nothing but a Thoughtless Husk Who's Neuron Receptors Went Numb From Years Without Use.

17 July 2022 16:20

I very much dislike my older alternate Game Jolt accounts. Loathe, even. A lot of them were made for the sole purpose to just insult people and generally be a nuisance. I can't even remove them because I lost the log in info for most of them. Here's a list of most of the accounts too:

  • Sburb_Ocfrom
  • flying_gorilla
  • Ockeii_0w0
  • Ocfromstuck
  • Sburbb
  • coolguyoffikal

I especially hate "Sburb_Ocfrom" and "Ockeii_0w0". Those guys deserve to be shot to death.

But let's talk about why I hate these alts so much.

Sburb_Ocfrom is the most infamous, but actually started out as a quaint Earthbound-centric account. I made on 07 March 2021 to separate my Earthbound related posts from my usual "funny handicapped group-chats moments" and "devlogs". It fell into relative obscurity until I had a pretty devious idea:

"What if I wanted to be an absolute buffoon and embarrass myself on the World Wide Web?"

My mentally challenged brain just loved to entertain the idea of having a separate account made specifically to be unnecessarily rude. So I deleted most of the posts from that account and renamed it to "Sburb_Ocfrom".

Oh, and then I made this glorious post:

"Ah huhuhuhu! This post will SURELY tick off those new aged kids!"

It did not. Instead you've shortened my lifespan my five hours. But this entry is not one of the worst though.

Oh, and I had the audacity to say it with this profile picture.

And look at this sick biography. Oh man does this guy look like someone you want to be friends with.

And do I even WANT to describe this? Absolutely not!

But let's move on to a less insufferable account.

Ockeii_0w0 was actually more of a prank than an alt account. I made the account on 29 August 2021 when I wanted to see how fast I could get a following if I pretended to be a young teenaged LGBT girl that loves furries and Gacha Club.

Let me tell you, when I got sent a friend request and followed by a very popular (and now verified) user, I knew I did a bit too well.

I also intentionally left hints on who I was. For example:

  • Ockeii, it's just a cutesy way of saying "ocfrom".
  • I intentionally created posts that included my own account in them.
  • "I'm raccoon girl [sic] and I like Gacha Life, the furry fandom, Gacha Club, and Undertale!"

Oh, and the biggest footprint of all, I followed people I know personally.

I eventually got bored and let the account rot. At some point, I planned to reveal myself as ocfrom, but it was essentially an open secret at that point.

I don't feel like covering the latter three accounts as they were really insignificant and died off as soon as they were made.

The legacy I left behind on while mostly small, is something I really hate that I'm attached to.