Fine Art Review: Come Celebrate the Big Knees With Me
18 August 2022 17:25
While surfing the webs, I found a particular user on DeviantART, BigKneeLover. As by his name suggests, he has quite fondness for knees of noticeably large size. Let's take a review of his artwork, shall we?

This one is one Aranea Serket, from the webcomic "Homestuck", depicting her sitting. She has striking, short black hair, a cerulean-coloured glow from her delectable large knees, thin and shiny white glasses, blue eyeliner, an elegant azure dress, shiny ruby shoes, an important neckalace with beautiful signage, sharp and fierce horns, and an excited faint blush on her face. This drawing is simply a masterpiece in disguise. Her calm, relaxed expression, shows her that she expresses complacency knees larger than the average human (or troll), which would normally lead to ridicule from the public. This also assured by her blush, she is proud of this. I think BigKneeLover's use of an airbrush on the horns was an ingenious decision. This shows that despite her horns looking more conventionally attractive, she's happy with the state of her knees. This is further more proved by the position she is sitting in, which is also relaxed; she finds this comfortable. Obviously, she can walk with her legs, so why should she need to care about the size of her knees? I think there is a lesson we should all take from Aranea, and that is to always be proud of your huge knees and to have BigKneeLover draw an illustration depicting you in this state of happiness.

Thank you all for joining me in this fine art review. I hope to see you next time.