Catco's Galaxy RUST Act 2 Screenshots and Memorandums
10 October 2022 16:45
The development of Catco's Galaxy RUST was unstable and very undocumented, at least near the end. Half of it was from bad planning and from not knowing what to do. Before it was discontinued, I worked on two versions of Catco's Galaxy RUST Act 2, with the first version being made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5, and second version in Gdevelop 5. This article will show screenshots and information from both versions of Act 2.

Catco's Galaxy RUST Act 2 (Clickteam Version)

This version of Act 2 began development almost immediately after Act 1 was completed. The autosave file, "CGRA2.001", was last modified on "26 December 2021". The codebase virtually the same, only being slightly modified from the first act. This part of the game would take place in "Snowpoffy Town", located on planet Glaciaia. Most major change from Act 1 were the levels being formatted to connect to each other, similar to games like Metroid or Castlevania. Development of this version roughly ended in January 2022, when I switched the engine to Gdevelop 5.
These are the introduction sequence changes. This would be the driving force of the act.
Here, Catco is travelling with Kitto onto Glaciaia. They have a short conversation.
You can jump around in the fluffy pile of snow and spread snow everywhere. The code was copied from the water splash code on Mew Island. It's very fun to mess around with.

The "square" of Snowpoffy Town. The town bar (Snowverry) is next to Snowi's house.
Mount. Snowi, the landmark of Snowpoffy Town. The character (Snowi) was named after this mountain. (You can jump in the snow pile.)

Underground mine levels. You save your progress by touching the floppy diskettes. While you can complete it linearly you can find shortcuts and small challenges that connect to the main cave. In the second image, the mine lift is active. You have to activate it by pushing a button inside the cave.
A log book from a lost miner. Many of these are scattered around the cave system. Some of these rocks are buggy and do not work properly.
The CORE boss battle area. The Clickteam Fusion version was not further developed past this.

Catco's Galaxy RUST Act 2 (Gdevelop 5 Version)

This version of Act 2 began development in around mid January 2022 and ended in March 2022. This version is much more polished than the Clickteam Fusion version, with some sprite help from Peach Moth. Unlike the Clickteam version, this version was broken into sub-acts and intermissions. I consider it the definitive edition.

There's a rap solo in the beginning, which includes me...
The first new look of Snowpoffy Town. The sprites of Catco and Kitto were drawn by Peach Moth. You can walk around a bit and Kitto will follow you. No, you cannot jump off the cliff.

There are also some people you can talk to.

A section of Act 2 Intermission 2. It is a short detour from the main story. The game was not further developed from this point. There are many other things I did not show, but this is a general display of the builds. I hope this was informative.