OK: A Scrapped Game
03 November 2022 20:50
It's the beginning of November, also known as the month I was born. Am I too late for a Halloween special? Probably so. Anyway, Today I’ll be discussing an obscure surreal game I once tried to develop. I never told anyone about, as I wanted to keep its development a private matter. I did not have much of a plan for the game, which is probably the reason it also failed... I was also working on Catco's Galaxy RUST at the time, which was more important to me than OK. I do not plan starting development of the game anytime soon. It was in development for approximately a fortnight before I dropped it.
So what is OK? It’s a top-down action-adventure game about an unknown individual named "O", and his quest to rid a manor of its poltergeists. I took a lot of inspiration from the game "OFF" (We’re starting to see a theme with single word names starting with O) with its plot and various action RPGs with the gameplay. The game loop is pretty simple, walk around, shoot at ghosts to win, progress.

There is also an unused turn-based battle system. I decided not to use it, as I found it too difficult to implement.

That’s really it. There was not really too much to document as the game didn’t have much content. One day, I to plan to release the source code, so everyone can look inside to see what it’s all about. Thank you for reading!