It's That Time of Year Again
18 December 2022
Here's the obligatory Christmas article. This website is close to being two years old already. Isn't that crazy? But that's not the subject of the article. Anyway, we've surprisingly been late to setting up the Christmas tree. It's a white artificial tree that was pretty quick and easy to set up. I didn't take a photo of it sadly, but it looks something like this. My bedroom also got a neat addition too.

The heater might actually burn that thing down. There's also a second tree on my dresser. I'm a hoarder of small one foot Christmas trees.
You may have also noticed the website had another restructuring. I'm going to be completely honest, the old website was a mangled mess of directories and awkwardly placed files. The root directory had 14 webpages inside of it which could've been organised. So, I made a simpler version of the website that's much easier to modify. You may have some broken links here and there, but main sections (art, news, music) should work. And that's all! Nothing really has been happening, which is fine. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!